There are about 1600 students who attend Red Clay School District schools.

Race Diversity

Our students come from different ethnicity and cultural backgrounds. As indicated in the enclosed report, the number of races per each grade level varies. To view a report for school year 2010-11.

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Native Country and Languages

ELLs come from different parts of the world besides the United States bringing with them languages other than English. In the 2010-11 school year, there were 46 languages spoken. The ELL program provided support to around 1609 students.

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Number of English Language Learners

The number and percentage of students who received ELL support, versus those who do not, vary among the elementary, middle and high school levels. During the school year 2010-11, the largest number of students receiving ELL support was at the elementary level.

Students were serviced in different instructional settings that included Dual Language, Structured English Immersion, English as a second language, and regular classroom instruction.

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